Frequently Asked Question

  1. Enrolment
    1. Grade I Officer (volunteer member)
    2. Grade IV Officer (volunteer member) - Potential Officer Programme
    3. Senior Grade V Officer (Medical Officer ll) and Grade IV Officer (Nurse ll)
  2. Provision of First Aid and Ambulance Service
  3. Arrangement for a Visit to the AMS
  4. First Aid Training and Certificates
  5. Questions Frequently Asked by New Recruits
  6. First Aid Courses
  7. Addresses and Telephone Numbers of the Headquarters and Training Accommodations of the AMS
  8. Purchase the Publications of the AMS

1. Enrolment

Where can I get an application form?

Application forms can be obtained from various District Offices or the AMS Headquarters (G/F, 81 Princess Margaret Road, Homantin, Kowloon), or be downloaded from this website ( The posts open for enrolment include Grade I Officer (volunteer member), Grade IV Officer (volunteer member) - Potential Officer Programme* and Senior Grade V Officer (Medical Officer ll) and Grade IV Officer (Nurse ll).

* The AMS will decide whether the Potential Officer Programme will be organised for the year subject to the exact number of vacancies.

What is the purpose of the Trade Test which is adopted for recruiting Grade I Officers and Grade IV Officers (Potential Officer Programme)? What are the test items?

The purpose of the Trade Test is to assess whether applicants can carry out their duties if they become members of the AMS. The test contains the following items:

Item No. Test Items Score Standard
1. Placing equipment Pick up the saline bag from the table and hang it on the drip stand at a height of about 198 cm with both feet on the ground. No shoes shall be worn. (You may lift your back heels and stand on your toes to complete this designated set of movements.)
2. Sit-and-reach Both hands should reach the box 3 times and stretch beyond 15cm once
3. One minute sit-up At least 12 times in a minute
4. One minute press-up Male: at least 9 times in a minute
Female: at least 9 times in a minute, with both knees kneeling down on the ground
5. Carrying a stretcher for a distance of 60 metres Two persons form a group carrying a dummy on stretcher and walking steadily for 60m in 2 minutes
6. 2.4-km run or walk It should be completed within 19 minutes; bonus marks will be given if it is completed earlier (1 mark for every 1 minute earlier)

Note: To fulfil the requirements of the test, all the above items must be completed. Other than Item 6, i.e. 2.4-km run or walk, no bonus marks will be given to other items.

What should I bring along when I attend the above Trade Test?

Runner shoes, bottled water, sportswear and towels.

What will be tested in the medical examination?

The medical examination is carried out by Government commissioned private clinics or medical institutions. The examination includes blood pressure taking, eyesight test, chest X-ray and urine testing etc.

What medical benefits are the AMS members entitled to?

An AMS member who, while on training or on duty, sustains an injury or contracts an illness which is attributable to the discharge of duty, shall be provided with free medical treatment in government clinics or hospitals. If the member suffers from permanent harm or dies as a result of the discharge of duty, an impairment allowance or widow’s pension will be granted according to individual circumstances and relevant legislation.

What kind of pay and allowances can I get?

(A) When a member is called out on active service in an emergency or for training, or voluntarily reporting for and carrying out duty pursuant to a request from the Commissioner, payments will be made according to his grade as follows:

i. in respect of active service for less than 8 hours, at the appropriate hourly rate of pay; and

ii. in respect of active service for 8 hours or more, at the appropriate daily rate of pay.

(B) Ration Allowance: In respect of duty for 8 hours or more, during which free meal or ration is not provided, every member who attends for duty shall, in addition to his pay, be eligible to receive a daily ration allowance.

What are the serving conditions?

A member who, without reasonable excuse, resigns from the AMS or who is discharged or whose enrolment is cancelled, within 1 year of the completion of his recruit training shall, upon request by the Commissioner, pay the AMS the reasonable costs of his recruit training in the AMS.

** In cases of emergency, the Chief Executive shall mobilise the auxiliary forces of Hong Kong by order in the Gazette in accordance with the Laws of Hong Kong. Any member who fails to comply with the provision without reasonable cause commits an offence.

2. Provision of First-aid and ambulance services

How do I apply for the provision of first-aid service?

Upon request, we will provide government departments and non-profit making organizations with free first-aid service. The organization concerned should clearly put down the nature of the activity and the date, time, place and estimated number of participants on the application form which can be downloaded from this website. The application should be made fourteen working days in advance of the activity. To reply to an application, our target time is ten days. However, cases without sufficient notice may also be considered under special circumstances, e.g. the activity is expected to attract a large number of people.

How do I apply for the provision of non- emergency ambulance transfer service?

The main duty of the Ambulances Service Section is to provide a FREE non-emergency ambulance transfer service for the public. The service is available daily (including Sunday and public holidays) from 0800 to 1800 hours. It covers Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, New Territories and Lantau Island. The administrative office of the non-emergency ambulance transfer service is at 12/F Eastern Law Courts Building, 29 Tai On Street, Sai Wan Ho, Hong Kong. The phone numbers of the Control Room are 2567 0705 and 2567 3083 and the fax number is 2886 5397. Our main target clients are those who are referred by clinics of the Department of Health and private hospitals. Applicants should complete the application form (AMS 52) and have it endorsed by the authorized medical officers of such medical institutions. All applications should reach the non-emergency ambulance transfer service office at least one full working day in advance preferably by fax (2886 5397) and then be confirmed by phone. Please call 2567 0705 for further details.

Will the NEATS ambulances carry patients to the Lowu border, the Hong Kong International Airport, the Hong Kong and Macau Ferry Terminal, or the China(HK) Ferry Terminal?

If the transport service is initiated by the Fire Services Department, we can provide transfer service for the patient. However, the patient should be certified by the Department of Health/Hospital Authority or the private hospital concerned that he needs such transfer service. The application procedures are the same as those for the application for the NEATS.

3. Arrangement for a Visit to the AMS

How do I apply for an arrangement of a visit to the AMS Headquarters?

Schools and organizations are welcome to visit the AMS Headquarters and learn about the services the AMS provide to the public. To apply for an arrangement of a visit, you should fill in an application form, which can be downloaded from this website ( and send it to us for follow-up action.

4. First-Aid Training and Certificates

Do the certificates awarded by the AMS fulfill the requirements of the legislation of Hong Kong?

The certificates awarded by the AMS fulfill the requirements of the legislation of Hong Kong, and they are recognized by the Hong Kong SAR Government.

Can I get a replacement of first aid certificate if I have lost the original?

Under normal circumstances, a replacement of first aid certificate will not be issued. Instead, a letter of certification will be issued to the person concerned if his original first aid certificate is still within the period of validity (i.e. within the 3 years after the date of issue of the first aid certificate).

How do I extend the validity of my first aid certificate when it is due to expire?

Six months before or after the expiry date of the first aid certificate, you may enroll in a first aid refresher course. If you pass the examination your first aid certificates will be extended for three years.

How do I make an inquiry about first aid matters?

You can send your question(s) to us by mail to the AMS Headquarters (81, Princess Margaret Road, Homantin, Kowloon), or by e-mail ( , or by fax (2715 0245).

Where can I buy the First-Aid Handbook?

You can buy the First-Aid Handbook at the AMS Headquarters (3/F, 81, Princess Margaret Road, Homantin, Kowloon.)

Are there any first-aid kits for sale?


What public transportation can I take to get to the AMS Headquarters?

Auxiliary Medical Service Headquarters is situated at 81 Princess Margaret Road, Ho Man Tin, near Oi Man Estate and Ho Man Tin Estate, and adjacent to Hong Kong Metropolitan University, Pui Ching Middle School, Housing Authority Headquarters and Homantin Plaza.

How to get there:-
1) Bus
(Alighting at Homantin Plaza)
7B, 8, 17, 18, 41, 45, 109, 241X, A20, E21A

(Alighting at Auxiliary Medical Service Headquarters)
103*, 113, 170, 182
*only applies to the direction from Hong Kong Island to Kowloon

2) Minibus -
(Alighting at Homantin Plaza)
Red minibus: Fa Yuen Street, Mong Kok Ho Man Tin Estate
Green minibus: 27M, 27MS

(Alighting at Cascades)
Green minibus: 8, 8M

3) MTR
Walk from Exit B2 of Ho Man Tin Station for about 15-20 minutes

5. Questions Frequently Asked By New Recruits

How do I notify the AMS Headquarters of the change of my correspondence address?

You can notify our Membership Section of the AMS Headquarters:
  1. by post: 81, Princess Margaret Road, Homantin, Kowloon.
  2. by e-mail:
  3. by fax: 2715 0245.

How do I apply for a new, replacement or renewed membership card?

If you need to apply for a new, replacement or renewed membership card, you must do it in Room 309 of the AMS Headquarters with your upper body uniform during office hours (9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. from Monday to Friday, except public holidays). If you’re applying for a renewed membership card, you must bring along your original one as well. If you’re applying for a replacement card because your existing one has been lost/stolen/damaged or you have changed your name, you must pay an administrative fee of HK$135.

Can I exchange my uniform if it is found unfit or it has defects?

Members should try on their uniforms before taking them. If an unused uniform is found unfit or has defects, an exchange is possible within a reasonable time. However, if it is used and the member does not have sufficient explanation for its unfitness or defects, he should buy a new one at his own cost.

Owing to sickness, a member was absent from duty and he has already submitted the medical certificate to his employer. What can he do then?

The member should submit a photocopy of the medical certificate to his immediate supervisor to explain why he was absent from duty.

Can the AMS logo be used during non-AMS activities?

No. Prior permission should first be obtained from the AMS Headquarters.

How do new recruits apply for transfer of district if they are dissatisfied with the present postings?

In principle, the postings of new members are based on their places of reside in, as well as the quota of a particular district and the distribution of members in different districts. If they want to be posted to another district, they can submit written requests to their senior officers.

Can members defer attending the Disaster Medicine Assistant Training Course till the next term?

No. Members are not allowed to defer attending this course.  But they can apply to attend another class, and permission is subject to the availability of places.  Their written applications should be submitted to their immediate supervisors before the course starts.

Do new recruits need to sit for the annual examination?

For new recruits who complete their recruit training during the period from April to October, they are exempted from the annual examination of the same year.

Who should I turn to if I want to inquire about pay and allowances matters?

You should first ask your immediate supervisor, who can turn to the Accounting Section of AMS Headquarters (Tel: 2762 2036) for assistance if he also has doubts.

What should I do if I lose the AMS uniform?

You should report the case to your superior and apply to buy a new uniform at your own cost.

How long should a new recruit serve in the AMS before he can quit?

A new recruit should serve in the AMS for at least one year after completing the recruit training. If he cannot offer a reasonable explanation for quitting, or is demoted or dismissed within a year, he should reimburse the AMS a reasonable sum of money for the training received in the AMS upon the request of the Commissioner.

Can I change classes halfway or defer attending the training course for reasons of work?

Yes, you can. However, if you apply for change classes, the vacancy thus created may be wasted. Therefore, we do not encourage frequent changing of classes. And you can defer attending the training course only once.

What should I do if I fail the recruit examination?

Unless otherwise specified by the AMS Headquarters, you will be given a chance to re-take the examination once if you fail in your first attempt. If you fail again, your membership will be terminated.

What will happen if new recruits are late for class?

New recruits should always be punctual. If they are late for 15 minutes, they are not allowed to enter the classroom until the next session starts (about one hour later). This arrangement can avoid unnecessary disturbance to the whole class.

Should I attend the footdrill class if I feel unwell?

No, you should stay at home for rest or see a doctor to avoid accidents.

What should I do if I cannot attend training classes owing to the need of attending to some urgent affairs?

Members are required to have an attendance rate not lower than 80%. In this regard, they should carefully plan their time so that they can attend training classes.

Why should new recruits have to wear specific dress before uniforms are available?

As the AMS is a uniform organization, all new recruits have to wear uniforms. However, since it takes time to finish making the uniforms new recruits are required to wear specific dress to facilitate the enforcement of discipline. Moreover, as the instillation of esprit de corps is a main element in the recruit training, wearing tidy and standard uniform is indispensable.

6. First Aid Training Courses

How to enrol on our first aid training courses?

All government departments may nominate staff to enrol on various types of first aid training courses provided by the AMS and these courses are completely free of charge. These courses not only aim at helping the staff cope with operational needs but also enhance the quality of services offered by relevant departments.

Can members of the public enrol on our first aid training courses?

Our first aid training courses are organized for civil servants and such courses are designed to meet their operational needs. When training places are available, members of the public are also welcome to enrol on the courses for which a fee will be charged.

However, due to the current long waiting list and waiting time for the training places, enrolment by members of the public shall be suspended until further notice. For enquiries, please contact us at 2762 2020.

7. Addresses and Telephone Numbers of the Headquarters and Training Accommodations of the AMS

The AMS Headquarters:

Address:81, Princess Margaret Road, Homantin, Kowloon.
Phone No.:2762 2011

Hong Kong Regional Headquarters and Training Centre

Address:12/F, Eastern Law Court Building, Sai Wan Ho, Hong Kong.
Phone No.:2886 6619 (Enquiries), 2567 0705 (Duty Control Room)

Kowloon East Regional Headquarters and Training Centre

Address:Rm 1905, 19/F, Millennium City 6, 392 Kwun Tong Road, Kowloon.
Phone No.:2790 9082

Kowloon West Regional Headquarters and Training Centre

Address:Podium, Block 19, Shek Kip Mei Estate, Kowloon.
Phone No.:2777 3582

NT East Regional Headquarters

Address:70 Che Kung Miu Road, Shatin, N.T.
Phone No.:2762 2150 (Enquiries), 2762 2055(Duty Control Room)

NT West Regional Headquarters and Training Centre

Address:24/F, Tsuen Wan Government Offices Building, Sai Lau Kok Raod, Tsuen Wan, N.T.
Phone No.:2417 6400

Tsuen Wan Training Camp

Address:Shing Mun Road, Sheung Kwai Chung, Tsuen Wan, N.T.
Phone No.:2715 5850

Tsam Chuk Wan Training Centre

D.D. 256, Tsam Chuk Wan, Sai Kung
Phone No.:2792 6713

8. Purchase the Publications of Auxiliary Medical Service

You can purchase the publications of the Auxiliary Medical Service by: