Social Services

First Aid Coverage

AMS will, on request, provide first aid coverage for non-profit-making organizations. To allow sufficient time for processing such applications, applicants should forward their applications to AMS Headquarters at least 14 clear working days in advance and state clearly the information required, e.g. date, time, venue and estimated number of participants at the function. The target reply time is 10 clear working days. Nevertheless, depending on different circumstances (e.g. major functions that are likely to attract a large population), individual applications will be considered at even shorter notice.

Telephone Enquiry Numbers
Hong Kong Region: 2762 2045
Kowloon East Region: 2762 2043
Kowloon West Region: 2762 2037
New Territories East Region: 2762 2042
New Territories West Region: 2762 2044

Non-emergency Ambulance Transfer Service

The main task of the ambulance service in the Auxiliary Medical Service is to provide a FREE non-emergency ambulance transfer service to the public of the HKSAR. Our working days are from Monday to Sunday (including of Public Holidays) and our hours of providing service are from 0800 to 1800 hrs. The ambulance service covers Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, New Territories and Lantau Island. The administrative office of the AMS ambulance section is at 12/F Eastern Law Courts Building, 29 Tai On Street, Sai Wan Ho, Hong Kong.

Non-Emergency Ambulance Transfer Service Telephone Enquiry Numbers
Telephone number : 2567 0705 / 2567 3083
Fax number : 2886 5397

Our main target clients are those who need the medical care & attention are referred by the out-patient clinics of Hospital Authority and private hospitals. An applicant should complete an Application Form (AMS 52) which should be endorsed by the authorized Medical professions of such medical institutions. All applications should reach the non-emergency ambulance transfer service office at least one full working day in advance preferably by fax (2886 5397) and then confirmed by phone. Please dial to our hot-line enquiry service at 2567 0705 for further details.

Details of ambulance services provided by government organizations and non-government organization, please visit the following web site :
Ambulance Services in Hong Kong

The Volunteer Team of the Auxiliary Medical Service

The Auxiliary Medical Service Volunteer Team (AMSVT) was established in 2002, with a view to providing medical, first aid and health education to those in need. In order to organise and provide different kinds of services more effectively, the AMSVT was reorganised in 2019 and listed as a tax-exempt charity in 2021. Members of the AMSVT include a group of current and retired members, staff of the Headquarters and their family members who are enthusiastic about community and charity services. The AMSVT works with external organisations to orgainse, plan and implement various voluntary projects. Aiming to better serve different social groups, the AMSVT also provides members with appropriate training, support and volunteering opportunities.

The work of the AMSVT covers both “community services” and “community education”:

  1. cooperate with local groups in organising visits to elderly living alone, including those living in housing estates, tenement buildings, outlying islands, remote areas, etc. and conveying messages on home safety and basic first aid;
  2. organise medical and health education events for grass-root families, single-parent families and their children;
  3. help racial minorities and persons with disabilities integrate into the community;
  4. organise different types of health education events and first aid talks to disseminate health information to the public;
  5. 5. provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training to enhance participants’ skills and confidence;
  6. organise anti-drug thematic talks in schools and youth centres; and
  7. organise group events for secondary students to promote mental health.

For enquiries, please contact 2761 1970.