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Dr. Chan Hon-yee

Message from the Commissioner of the Auxiliary Medical Service

Dr. CHAN Hon-yee, Constance, JP

Welcome to the web page of the Auxiliary Medical Service of Hong Kong.

The Auxiliary Medical Service provides invaluable supplementary medical services for the people of Hong Kong in times of emergency. We stand ready to provide such services any time and anywhere in Hong Kong. We are committed to expanding and improving our services to meet the changing needs of the community and to keep pace with the latest developments. For instance, we have embarked on the development of supplementary disaster medicine in Hong Kong.

I hope that through this web page, we can liaise closely with our strategic partners in supplementary medical service in Hong Kong and all over the world. We welcome suggestions from these organizations.

Mr. HUI Wai-kwong, Sam

Message from the Chief Staff Officer of the Auxiliary Medical Service

Mr. HUI Wai-kwong, Sam

Welcome to the web page of the Auxiliary Medical Service of Hong Kong.

The Auxiliary Medical Service, with its present establishment of a volunteer membership of 4,799, has come a long way since its formation as a prototype Essential Service Corps in 1950. As always, our volunteer members are strongly dedicated and committed to the worthwhile cause of saving lives and relieving pain for the people of Hong Kong irrespective of their race, age or occupation. We will continue to seek new and innovative ways to work for a better tomorrow for the people of Hong Kong.

Through this web page, you will obtain information on our policies, organizational structure, activities, etc. I hope you will find such information useful and interesting. You are welcome to utilize such information and consider joining our column as a volunteer member to experience the thrill, excitement and satisfaction of helping other fellow citizens of Hong Kong through the AMS philosophy of serving people.

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